What if the Nazis Won WWII and Took Over America?

1. The Federal Reserve and all usurious banking would be halted immediately and replaced by debt-free currency backed by the hard work of the American man.

2. Hollywood would be shut down and replaced by patriotic Americans who cared deeply about our history, our people and the upholding of high moral standards.

3. Jews would be rounded up and deported to a homeland of their own where they would be isolated by the force of the US Military.

4. Education on the Jewish question would become mandatory and perpetual in the understanding that they must never, at any time in the future, be allowed to subvert the Western world again.

5. The border to Mexico would be sealed. It would be announced that any illegal aliens caught crossing the border would be shot on sight and then this threat would be swiftly carried out.

6. A eugenics program would go into effect for humanitarian purposes with the goal of alleviating the suffering of future generations through the minimization of disease, crime and welfare. Healthy and productive members of society would be incentivized to have more children and the unproductive and sickly elements would be incentivized not to, most likely by a generous payment for sterilization.

7. Blacks would be humanely deported back to Africa and helped onto their feet there. Once they were set up with a functioning society they would be left on their own and in charge of their own destiny, back where they belong and where they could cause no further harm to White civilization.

8. Class tensions would be minimized if not outright eliminated. The working man would be elevated in the mind of the people as the backbone of the nation. It would be understood that that everybody is important to society, garbage men and street sweepers as well as doctors and lawyers or politicians or small business owners.

9. Democracy would be replaced with meritocracy. Our leaders would be chosen based on ability rather than on who could get the most campaign donations and best con the people with promises they will never follow through with after elected.

10. The promotion of any and all kinds of perversions and degeneracy would be treated as an attack on the family thus an attack at the very foundation of civilization and the nation itself and as such would be ruthlessly crushed and suppressed.